About a 10-minute drive from Naha Airport , is a convenient accommodation to access .
From Naha Airport
1. By monorail/Yui-Rail (Okinawa Urban Monorail) 260 yen/5-minute walk from TSUBOGAWA STATION
2. By car or taxi/10-minute    It costs you about 1,000 yen 3. By walk/45-minute

If it gets down from TSUBOGAWA STATION

  • okinawa root1
    Root 1
    When you pass through the gate, you will find map. Please make sure where the hostel is, and go to west exit.
  • okinawa root2
    Root 2
    You will see the bridge from station.
  • okinawa root3
    Root 3
    Across the bridge, walk down the stairs and go right
  • okinawa root4
    Root 4
    Walk along the field on your left side and go left when you see the sign on the picture.
  • okinawa root5
    Root 5
    Youth hostel is located just right next to the white building. (Roof colour is red)
  • okinawa root6
    Root 6
    The back door of the hostel is next to vending machine. Please mind your step when it is wet.